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Essential Oil Spotlight: Orange


From time to time, I will be highlighting an individual essential oil so readers can become better acquainted with the keys to safe and effective aromatherapy usage.  Keep an eye out for future installments of Essential Oil Spotlight.

Sana Therapeutics Orange Essential OilOrange essential oil is derived from the peels of sweet oranges. Although the oil itself isn’t sweet, it does have a number of amazing uses to improve your health because it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, improves blood circulation, and more. Orange brings out amazing memories of summers where you can smell the oranges from the neighbors all day long or enjoying an orange poolside while working on your tan. With a warm citrus scent, orange is one of those underrated essential oils in our collection. Here are 5 amazing uses for Orange Essential Oils that you may not have known. 

Mood Booster

One of the properties of orange essential oil is that it works as an anti-depressant. Simply apply 5 drops to your palms then rub together and take a deep breath with your hands over your nose. Diffusing Orange Essential Oil in a low heat diffuser is also an amazing way to spread the delightful smell through your whole house. Make sure to wash your hands after as Orange can make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Promote Clear Skin

Many people who struggle with acne and other dermatitis issues may find some help in Orange Oil. Whether you struggle with acne all the time or every once in a while, you may be able to prevent future acne by washing your face with a mixture of 3 drops of Orange and warm water before bed. You can also use Orange as a deep cleaner when mixed with Olive Oil or almond oil. Simply mix 1 drop of orange essential oil with 3-4 drops of either olive or almond oil and apply to your face. Wipe it off after 5 minutes. 

Arthritis Relief

With its strong anti-inflammatory properties, orange essential oil may be used to help treat arthritis regardless of severity. Simply mix 10 drops of orange oil with a tablespoon of warmed coconut oil. Apply directly to the affected joints, gently rubbing it in until it has all be absorbed.


Orange essential oil is non-toxic and antiseptic being an amazing alternative to everyday cleaning solutions you may not want sprayed around areas where you eat or prepare food. Make your own cleaning spray by adding 10 drops of Orange Oil for every cup of water then adding it to a spray bottle for easy application. You could also add in 2-3 drops of Lemon essential oil for extra cleaning power.

Allergy Relief

Allergies are caused by small spores such as mold spores, dust, or pollen are inhaled and irritate the lining of the nasal passages, causing your body to react and the area to become inflamed. Orange essential oil can be used to combat this inflammation since it works as an anti-inflammatory and will get blood moving through that area.

Using a couple drops of Orange Oil on a cotton ball and inhaling is a quick way to find relief. If you don’t have access to cotton balls, simply unscrew the cap of the bottle and breath to find relief.

Have more uses for Orange Essential Oil? Comment below and let us know what you use it for!

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