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A Modern Medical Marriage


We all know them.

Those couples who have lived together longer than they have apart. Their advice…recognize your differences and limitations, but focus on the good qualities in each other.  Could this be applicable counsel for us in other areas?

This marriage is an unconventional “love story”, where ancient meets modern, East courts West. It is a time for unity.  A time to recognize differences, bridge the conflict of misunderstanding and embrace positive qualities, assuming there is a common and virtuous goal in the end. Health.

For thousands of years, the human race dealt with ailments, injuries, diseases, and accidents of life in the best way available to them.  Certainly, there was a learning curve, and with better information, came better innovation. While certain practices based on superstition and misinformation clearly are outdated and unfounded, there are a wealth of treatments and therapies that can be adopted from our ancient (and not-so-ancient) ancestors.

At the same time, many medical facilities in the US today are offering the latest and best technology and researched-based developments in the health sector.  Diagnostic and surgical equipment is cutting-edge and more effective than they ever imagined they could be. Yet, is there an opportunity for a marriage between the two? A union of ancient and modern?  A joining of eastern and western medical philosophy?

We at Sana believe there is.  While there is undeniable value in the advancements being made in the medical field each and every day, there are many reasons to consider alternative therapies for the treatment of a variety of conditions.  Among these reasons, are patient preference and history, sensitivities, allergies, comfort and individuals who don’t respond to other treatments. Neither philosophy needs to stand on its own. A beautiful marriage can take place, giving way to a mutually beneficial approach for the patients for which it provides care.  Differences are respected, but the focus is on the strengths of the individual parts. And above all, the amiable intention of each side is recognized.

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